Friday, August 3, 2007

Sweet moments

Last night I went in to check on Blake and see if he was asleep yet. When I got in there the conversation went something like this

Me: Blake, you really need to go to sleep
Him: Mommy, I need just one more hug and a kiss
Me: Okay, stand up
Him: He stands up and wraps his little arms around me and puts his head on my shoulder and says "Mommy, can we just dance for a few minutes" (he has always listened to lullabies as he goes to sleep and the CD was still playing)
Me: Sure honey

And we stood there, him standing on his bed with his head on my shoulder and we swayed slowly to the music. After a few minutes, I lay him back down and he says "Mommy, I love you" What more could I ever ask for in this world. Nothing, not one thing could be better than a moment like that. I am truly blessed.


Kimberly said...

You're so right! How could anyone ask for more?

rowena said...

Hi, you have a nice site. And you have such a sweet child. Btw, we have the same blog title. Sweet life indeed. Cheers!

SweeTNT said...

Rowena, thanks for stopping by. You have a very nice site as well. I guess great minds think alike when it comes to the blog title. I'm still fairly new to this :o)