Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blessed beyond measure

My husband...yes my husband is joining the church!!!!!!!!!! I can't really express how this makes me feel. If I were only a better writer. My heart is full of gratitude. If I weren't afraid of heights I would probably shout it from the rooftops.

When I joined the church 5 1/2 years ago, I was the first in my family. I have prayed and hoped all these years that hubby would join the church. He has always been supportive in all that I do with the church and has gone a few times over the years but never really showed much interest. Recently, things that have happened in our life has caused him to think of his own mortality and so a few weeks ago he began the missionary lessons. They have been great lessons, filled with the spirit. I could see the wheels turning and could see him truly searching, pondering and praying. Last night he decided that he would be baptized and this will take place in a couple of weeks.

It's been amazing to see him go through this transformation. To have a court side seat to watch the spirit really work in his life. So many people have prayed for him and I know that this had an impact as well and I am thankful. I am so happy for him and for our family. I know with all my heart that he is making the right choice.

Could I be any more blessed? Could I be anymore thankful to my Heavenly Father? No, my heart is full and I am truly blessed beyond measure.


Laine said...

Tonya! I didn't know he wasn't a member, but oh! I feel the excitement! What a wonderful thing, THE most wonderful thing to possibly have happen to you! I'm so happy for you.

Kimberly said...

That's sooooo wonderful! Thanks for the email, I wasn't going to get around to blog reading for awhile yet. Thanks for sharing the joy!

Carrie said...

Yea! I'm so excited for you guys! You said you wished you were a better writer, so you could express your happiness better, but believe me your happiness just shines in ever word you wrote.

Tell your husband congrats from all of us in the blogging world!

Clement Family said...

I am very happy for you and your family!!! Great News.

LammyAnn said...

The best news I've heard all week.
Truly am so so excited for you all.
you must be doing cartwheels!

Melissa said...

That is fantabulous news!! It's so great that I had to use a made up word combining fantatstic and fabulous ;) What a great blessing for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

tonya! i understand. i understand your excitement and feeling so blessed feeling. i am the Mormon in my immediate family. my husband and our teen daughters are not.

i wish i could get them to want this utterly completely priceless gift of a Gospel filled life, but i can't force them to want this.

i read your words and tears came to my eyes a lot. so happy for your news. this is supreme, awesome, mere words can not describe how awesome this news is.

i would shout it out, too! couldn't keep me back from wanting to shout that out to the world.

thanks for stopping by my blog for the first time this week. glad you happened upon my blog for i am glad i got to read this beautiful news that touched me so.

so awesome, so awesome.

blessings this night to your whole family,

Anonymous said...

and i like the name of your website, too. thanks for telling me you liked my website name, too :)

Anonymous said...

tonya -- still thinking about your awesome news here. just thrilled for you. i can not imagine how exciting this is for you and your family. but i am so excited that my husband (even it has taken a really tough experience for us) has been saying the prayer for the last couple weeks (remember i said in my bitter vs. sweet post that he NEVER did that before). so i can kinda relate to you in that way. God can do anything and He does do anything.

thanks for coming by my blog tonight. your comments about my friend quiz made me smile. appreciate the lift you gave me because things have been hard, so i appreciate any lift/smile that comes my way.

blessings to you and your Mormon family this night, kathleen