Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Now, I ask you, if you rededicated yourself to your healthy lifestyle and you told this to let's say, your husband and you came home from work and found the pantry had your favorite oatmeal cream pies, chocolate covered raisins, ice cream in the freezer and oatmeal spice cookies, would the thought cross your mind "sabotage". Yeah, me either, it must have just been a crazy oversight.

But seriously, I need to resist the urge right now to walk over there and get a oatmeal cream pie. I can't expect hubby and son to not have any treats just because I am a weakling. I am just going to keep my fingers on the keyboard and then they can't be stuffing things in the mouth right? Good plan, I like it.


Kimberly said...

Neil and I developed a good plan for that crucial "getting the junk out" phase. He kept a box of goodies in the trunk of his car. He could go out and get some when he wanted, but since I'm so lazy, I never bothered. Plus, it drove off to work with him every day. Worked great!

A locking cupboard has always sounded like a good idea too. Because really? It is sabotage, especially in the recommitting stage of your health eating plan. Get the junk out of the house! Don't think it has to be there tempting you for you to exercise your "will power"! That's just silliness, 'kay?

Clement Family said...

You can do it!!!!

melissa c said...

You sound like me! And thanks for visiting my blog.

As for treats, I have NO self control. I love baked things. But I also know they aren't good for you so I don't feel guilty that the fam doesn't get any if I don't buy them!

Oh well, I splurge once in a while, that way it stays a treat and not a common thing. Hopefully that will help my waist line too!

LammyAnn said...

I always brush my teeth before I give in...that seems to help keep me at bay most times.
Of course... then there is PMS week....

Mo Mommy said...

those oatmeal creme cookies are soooo good frozen. Not helping am I?
I get the junk food itch for about a week solid and then don't have any desire to touch it for another week or two. I figure it all balances out in the end. I'd rather be full than skinny!! ;)