Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pondering life

Lately, my son has been really starting to ponder life and has been asking all kinds of questions about various topics. It's been really fun to watch him try understand at a deeper level all the things that go on around him. I often don't know how to answer the questions that he comes up with but I do my best. Here is a little gem from last night. He is sitting on the toilet and I'm in the computer room which is nearby when I hear "Mom, why does my food turn into poopy?" To which I so cleverly answered him "Well, it just does honey" which seemed to satisfy him for the time being. He also brought home some "work" from preschool that he did which was a self portrait and I noticed that he had drawn really big ears on himself so I said "Blake, why are your ears so big" and he said "So, I can be a better listener" If only I had known that earlier, I would have had his real ears enlarged. He's also starting to get a little "big for his britches" as my mom would have said, which results in comments like this. I picked him up from preschool and when he's had a good day, I usually give him some kind of treat like a couple of starburst or some kind of candy. Well it just so happened that I got a phone call right when we got in the car so I couldn't attend to the "treat" duty right away. He lets us get about halfway home (I'm still on the phone) and he says "Mom, excuse me, you are really cutting into my getting a treat time". At least he said excuse me right?

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Kimberly said...

Oh dear. He's way too intelligent for his age, isn't he?