Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feeling the need

I've been feeling the need to start blogging again. I like being able to look back to see at least a small history of our little family.

As I seem to have time on my hands, there is no time like the present. The last several weeks I've been having some health challenges and I am now hoping that I'm reaching the tail-end of Pneumonia. Now you might be asking where on Earth did I get a thing like Pneumonia? Well, I guess I can't be sure but I'm thinking that I got it when I had a minor surgery done on July 30th. Regardless of where I got it, I hope never to have it again. The coughing fits can be really violent. It kinds of feels like my lungs would like to come out of my chest and see the world :-) I'm ready to feel well again and promise not to take it for granted.

Anywho, on to less yucky subjects. My little man went in for his 10 year well child check and failed his eye exam. We don't have eye insurance for him (yet) so we took him to Costco and sure enough....

It seems his left eye is much worse than his right so he was compensating and that's why we never noticed him struggling at all. I'm glad we caught it before school starts again in Sept. I think he looks so cute in them but then I think he'd be cute wearing a bag on his head..LOL

I also started a new job at Kasier in March of this year. It's doing the same kind of work but with so much less stress. I am also able to work from home much more. This summer I've been pretty much just going in to the office on Monday's and then working the rest of the week from home. It's been so nice not needing any childcare because Tim is off on Mondays. Blake has been a little bored from time to time but has really enjoyed having me home.

That's all that I can think of now to share. More to follow...