Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Till we meet again

One of my closest friends lost her son late Saturday June 6th. Grant was only 18 years old when he was killed in a car accident. I got the call around 5am on Sunday the 7th. This is every mothers worst nightmare.

Our family has been blessed to consider these people family for many years. We have been able to watch Grant grow into a fine young man. This was not your average teenager. As his Uncle said "Grant's hobby was collecting friends". This kid was no respector of age, status, religious affiliation or any other social status. He always had a huge smile and huge hug for you. You always knew when Grant was in the room. There was no pretense there. If he loved you, you knew it. And he loved many. This pure joy and sincere quality was infectious. Of late, he was focused on going on a mission for our church. He had worked hard and saved all the money he needed for it. He was even counting down to the day he could turn his papers in. He is now on another mission.

While we don't understand why he was needed there and not here, we are comforted by the knowledge of where he is and that we'll see him again.

We'll miss you dude. Until we meet again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All I want for summer is my 1 front tooth and to be able to breathe

Yesterday as we waited for some prescriptions at the pharmacy, Blake pulled out his first front tooth. Both of them have been loose for a long time so it won't be long until they are both gone.

Here are a few pics The reason we were at the pharmacy was to get a whole slew of medicines for Blake. This has been the worst allergy season ever for him. In the last week his wheezing has gotten worse and worse and the inhaler was failing to do much for him. Yesterday I took him to the doctor and his allergy induced asthma is out of control. He took a breathing test that he failed miserably so they gave him a breathing treatment and then he did a little better but still not great. The doctor prescribed a oral steroid, a inhaled steroid, nose spray and more inhalers. He has to take the oral steroids for 5 days and that should get his airways opened up and then the other meds will help keep them open we hope. He sounds just awful but it's already a little better than yesterday so I'm sure he'll be fine soon. The doctor said it will probably be a month before the asthma is completely under control and then he'll be on the maintenance meds for awhile.