Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Field Trip

In May Blake went on his first field trip with the school. He was very excited. Of course, I had to take the day off and go with him. I live for this stuff. Blake couldn't wait to ride the bus. When you live 3 houses down from the school, you don't get many chances to ride the bus. It was a like a flashback for me. I haven't been on a school bus since high school.

We went to Jackson Bottom Wetlands. I drive by this every day and we had never been there. It's a great place. We went on a hike.

When we got back we had lunch and then the they had several learning stations that the kids rotated through.

Here they learned all about bats and their amazing hearing.

Then they learned all about the eagles that live in the wetland trees and how amazing their eyesight is.

It was a fun trip. We had one "oh my gosh" moment when I discovered that Blake had decided to bring one of his "aquatic" frogs to see his little friends at the wetlands. What Blake didn't realize is that his aquatic frog couldn't really live outside water and certainly not in his pocket all morning. It was really sad once he realized that the frog wasn't "sleeping" in his pocket. It was a hard lesson that he learned that day and especially at night once the gravity of it set in. He had this frog for about 2 years and it really crushed him when he realized what he had done. Uggh, hard lessons.