Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Smarter than a 5th grader?

Just barely, according to this. At least now you know where you can come for a little light reading..LOL

blog readability test

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun Date

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I went on a date night. There really weren't any movies out that we wanted to see so we had a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster where we discovered that we aren't really missing out on anything by not ever having tasted Lobster. We splurged and Tim had some in his dish. It really didn't taste that great. Now we can check that off the list.

Anyhoo, on the way home we saw this place called CeramiCafe so we decided to check it out. Well, we had blast. It was one of the best dates we've had in a really long time. The idea is that you can choose from many many different ceramic pieces, in all kinds of price ranges, and you can then paint, decorate, adorn them in any way that floats your boat. We settled on a couple of cereal bowls. You should know that I am so NOT an artistic person but it turns out that no matter what you do it seems to turn out cute. So here's a picture of our finished product after being glazed and fired. As Lauren would say "Don't be hatin' on our mad skillz"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's play ball

What a beautiful day for baseball. Sunny and 70 after a week with highs in the low 50's. His first "game" was actually on Thursday but I forgot my camera so you'll just have to bear with me.

I am convinced that watching a t-ball game may be the cutest thing that I've ever seen. I love seeing the kids in the outfield doing sumersaults and picking grass and I love how the whole team runs to the ball regardless of where they are supposed to be. On Thursday Blake actually caught the ball and threw it to first base and got an out. He was so proud of himself that he threw his hands up in the air and then dropped his glove and came running over to give me a hug. It was so darn cute. Part of me wanted to say "Hey, there's no hugging in baseball" but the bigger part of me just loved it. Everyone laughed and clapped. I think this child was born to perform.

Here are some pictures from today.

*Bird is his nickname.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Queen of Waffle Town

After much waffling back and forth about what would be best for me and for my family, I have officially accepted the job with Kaiser. It's been a really tough call for me. I am someone that normally takes a job and keeps it for years and years. I have only been at my current job for 7 months. It's just weird for me to come and go so quickly.

While I be loosing some flexibility in my schedule and the ability to take mass transit, I will be gaining in the long run by being with a company that is well established and has a great retirement plan. I think in the short term it will be difficult but in the long term it will be the best decision. (crossing fingers and toes)

I start on May 12th and will have a few days off in between. They have also promised me that I will be able to have the time off this summer and fall that I need for the family vacations etc.

I am now retiring as the queen of waffle town and it feels so much better to have this decision made. Until I pick up the scepter again to reign and rule, which could be over a pair of shoes or what to have for dinner :o)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Memoir Tag

I've been tagged by my buddy Nancy to do this Meme and I always try to mind my elders..hehe :o) So here goes the rules

1. Write your own six word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a picture if you want.
3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.
4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Here is Nancy's memoir: She knows Jesus is The Christ.

Here is mine: She has strength that surprises her.

Now I would like to tag Char, Kim, Melissa, Corrine and whoever else would like to play.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cuteness alert

A new phase in our life has begun. *sigh* He's growing up so fast.

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's good to be wanted......right?

So.....the job I've had the last 6 months has been driving me well....crazy. It was a short drive believe me but still. There are some really good things about it but overall it is really stressful.

Last week a friend that I used to work called me up out of the blue and asked me how it was going. I told her and she said that there was a job where she worked that she thought would be perfect for me. Before I knew it, I had an interview today. I really didn't feel that it went that well but according to her I should be getting an offer in the next day or two. Go figure.

There are pros and cons to both jobs of course and so I'm torn. I know, I should wait until I have an offer in hand but I'm a worrier and instead of sleeping right now, I'm here trying to make sense of it all. I have never jumped around like this in my working life. I have always been with employers for years and years. Being loyal even to a fault. My hubby, being the wonderful man that he is *big shout of for you hubby* will be supportive either way.

So, let's go old school here and write out some pros and cons of both

Pros Current Job: Hour flexibility, no cost/little stress commuting, great people that I work with (for the most part), Working 4 10's so I have an extra day with my boys, good pay, casual dress code

Cons Current Job: Crazy busy, no upper level organization, fly by the seat of their pants good ol boys club, really buggy software, not feeling empowered to make changes, feeling defeated most days, feeling set up for failure (not on purpose). no retirement plan

Pros New job: Working for a much much larger company that is very established, Getting my foot in the door at said company and being able to move around to keep myself challenged, working for a non-profit company, competitive wages (I hope), excellent retirement plan, able to work early shift to be home by 230 pm ish each day, working with a couple of people that I used to work with and like very much, possibly being able to stay with this company until retirement, new type of work that will be challenging, working close to the temple and Deseret book.

Cons New Job: Having to commute by car again thus increasing our gas bill and wear and tear on the car, little flexibility to work from home or change my hours as needed, business casual dress code, Working 5 8's again, not having an as relaxed atmosphere as I'm used to now, back to cubicle land, back to corporate America.

I've got some thinking and praying to do and I'm sure I'll think of other things as I go along but hopefully it helped to get it all down here so it won't be swirling around in my head as I try to go to sleep pretty soon.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mental Health Day

I have been feeling so stressed out lately. The stress I have is all good stress such as getting Blake registered for kindergarten, T-ball, church callings, work, house stuff etc. but apparently my body doesn't know the difference between good stress and bad stress because it has just been mad at me. So....I took a mental health day on Thursday. Hubby took Blake to preschool and I slept in. I mean, I actually stayed in bed until 9am. WHAT?!?!!? I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep that long. It was heaven. I then spent the day doing some of the things that I had been pushing to the side for awhile. I even went shoe shopping at a local store here that has great shoes. Here is my new favorite pair of shoes of all time.

I put them on an immediately my feet were happy. I may never take them off. Nothing like getting a few things done and some shopping therapy to things back on track.