Friday, August 29, 2008

Good day

Slept in till 7ish. House is clean. Errands are ran. Kids in bed and sound asleep (the furry one and the human one). Hubby is happily dreaming away. Tummy is full. Roof over my head. Blessings abound. My heart is full of gratitude this night. What a kind and loving Heavenly Father we have. He is there in good times and bad. My nice warm bed awaits. I thank Thee.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Writers block

Well, that's what I would have if I were a writer..LOL There is so much going on in my life and yet I can't seem to figure out how to write it all down.

Blake started Soccer for the first time and then we realized, after 3 practices, that he was on a team with 7 and 8 year old kids. Most of them had played before and he was quickly over his head. Not only in skills but attention span as well. He was getting frustrated and so were we. I have called the league guy and he's looking to see if there is a spot on one of the teams that are his age group and first time players. We'll see. It won't be the end of the world if he has to wait until next year to start.

School starts in a week and my baby will be in kindergarten. I have mixed emotions for sure. There will be much blogging, tears and pictures to come.

I have a long weekend coming up and I'm looking forward to it. The last hoorah of summer. I plan on resting, playing, resting and then playing some more. Not necessarily in that order.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In good company

One of the sweetest and most positive people on the planet, Yvonne, decided that I was worthy of a very nice award. It's hard for me to fathom that I would be in such good company as so many others that have received this award. Thank you Yvonne. You are too good to me.

The award she gave me was created by Jodi . Isn't she talented?

The rules are as follows

You must...

1. Choose 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award that are inspirational, uplifting, and leave you with a feeling of hope or cheer that contribute to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Link them on your blog.

3. Link to the person you received the award from.

4. Leave a comment on the blogs you nominated.

5. Add this link Beacon of Hope as the origin of this award.

6. Post these rules.

It's hard to choose because so many blogs I read fit this description and so many have already received it.

I'd like to give it to

Shay over at

Chel at

Melissa at

Corrine at

Char at

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Too long

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I last posted. I could say the old standby "Wow, it's been busy but I'm sure my little handful of readers are tired of hearing that. So, I'll just say....I'm baacckkkk....LOL

Let's see, what has been going on. Let's start with a quote from Blake. I really like those. Coming home one day he was firing away question after question. Hardly taking a breath in between. So, I made the comment "Sheesh Blake, you sure do ask a l0t of questions" and he said "Duh mom, I'm a kid, I have a lot to learn" Well, he's got me there. :o)

I was lucky enough to go to a sealing Saturday morning of a sweet couple in our ward to their adopted baby. Of course I cried as I sat there seeing myself kneeling with my family in a couple of months. We have set the date. We will be sealed together for time and eternity on October 11, 2008. Tim is having his temple classes and we are trying hard to keep the adversary at bay. I thought it was tough before I went to the temple but WOW does a certain someone not want this to happen. I am doing my best to do all the simple things, such as prayer, scripture study, family home evening etc. I will leave the rest up to the Lord. He knows how much we want this and I know we will make it. Our friends are from Utah are going to come. They will have then seen this thing come full circle. From them teaching me, baptizing me, being at my first temple trip, Tim's baptism and now our sealing. It's going to be an amazing day.

Speaking of the gospel, I am starting to figure out that the one thing you can always count on in this church is change. I'm not so good with the change but I'm trying. So many families are moving out of our ward. They say the want to be closer to their families but I just say they are traitors. No, I get the need to be close to family. But some of these people have been in my ward since I joined and I love them dearly. I'm thankful for the Internet so we can keep in touch.

My calling is keeping me pretty busy. With so many people moving out it's hard to keep all the callings filled. Today, we had 2/3's of our teachers gone. Part of that is summer and part of it is people moving. It will get better once we get some of these filled and settle in a bit more.

There is more to update you on but I need to get going. I promise to not let so much time pass before I make it back again.

**Update** After reading this I have decided the title can be two fold: I have been away "too long"and this post is "too long" LOL

**Update part 2** I can't believe I forgot to wish my sweet hubby Happy Birthday. His birthday was on 8/8/08. He is 19 if you ask him but if you are into reality he is 37 years young. Happy Birthday my honey. I lerrvvv you and I lerrvv that dumb dog.

**Update part 3** I've been gone awhile, cut me some slack. I bought Tim ROCK BAND for his b-day and have been totally rocking out. Turns out I'm a rock star and I didn't even know it. Tim is a guitar savant or something. I love the Wii.