Monday, August 27, 2007

My son....the shoe bandit

So, this weekend I met one of my friends down at the farmers market in town. When we had sampled and bought all the fresh produce we could stand, we decided to check out a shoe store downtown because I needed a new pair of "way to expensive but I gotta fork over the dough because I have bad feet" shoes. It's a small store and I knew it wouldn't take long so we decided to brave it with my son in tow. After trying on many pairs of shoes both from the back and from the sale rack, I decided on a pair and then realized that I had left my purse in my car so I didn't have to carry it all over the market. The nice salesperson said she would hold the shoes for me while I ran to the car to get my money (my $9.00 in cash in my pocket wasn't going to cut it apparently).

So, off we go out of the store and down the street when I hear this strange thumping sound. I look down and see that my son has on one of his shoes and is holding the other and what is on the other foot you ask? , It was a size 10 men's dress shoe in black. Yep, I was mortified and of course my friend is just cracking up and so are several other people that saw the whole thing unfold. We turn around and march back in there so we can return the shoe to the sale rack. Luckily the nice salesperson just laughed instead of calling the police :o) When I asked my little shoe bandit what he thought he was doing, he said " I don't know mommy, I just wanted to play with it" They start so young with the life of crime these days.


Kimberly said...

I can understand your feeling of mortification but wow! How hilarious!

Carrie said...

I love this! I could just see him tromping along the sidewalk with his one huge shoe!