Tuesday, August 7, 2007

3 hours of my life that I can never get back

I know that we've all been there. Sitting on hold for the 40th time (for just 2 to 4 minutes the professional voice says on the other end) while I wait for him to fix my modem and my DSL. Let's face it, I'm at his mercy. It doesn't help that he's very polite for the 30 seconds he comes back every 2 to 4 minutes. How can I be mad at him when he's doing his very best. Uggghhh, I dislike holding on the phone. All I wanted was a wireless modem. Is that to much to ask? Should that really take 3 hours to get installed and working? But I digress and with any luck, I will be working from home tomorrow downstairs with my laptop and my walking around unplugged freedom. I would also like to thank the man or woman that invented speaker phone so that I don't also have a kink in my neck to go with the headache from the hold music.

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Kimberly said...

Three hours is a small price to pay for freedom! Yay for you!!