Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.....

Well, it's back to work for me tomorrow. I sure could get used to this staying home life. It was a great vacation. I really spent some quality and quantity time with Blake and I feel rested. We had a nice mix of fun and getting some work done around the house. Blake and I went on our very first date, we went to see Ratatouille (sp?) It's the new Disney/Pixar movie that is out and I would highly recommend it. Blake was entertained and so was I. We shared popcorn and soda and had a great time. 4th of July was also really fun, we arrived two hours before the parade and I'm glad we did because apparently it's really popular and we barely found a good spot for our chairs. We ran into a family from our ward and ended up moving to where they were and Blake and their little guy got more candy than they did at Halloween. We also got our fair share of sun since it was about 90 and we were out it in for hours. Thank goodness for sunscreen and hats. Of course, I did this for Blake and forgot all about me so I got my first sunburn of the year. After the parade we came home and took a nap and when dad got home from work we went over to my mother-in-law's for a family gathering that included food, food, more food and fireworks. We were up way to late and had lots of fun. My son has been afraid of the fireworks in the past but is over that now and we had to keep him from getting to close.

The next morning we were woken up bright and early by the electrician that was coming to finish our heat pump installation. It's up and running now and once we figure out a good temperature for us, I think it's going to be great. We'll find out this week with highs predicted to be near 100. I am a full fledged Oregonian after living her for 13 years and weather like this is enough to make me melt. I can see the electric meter getting a workout now.

That's it for now, back to reality tomorrow and back to work. I'll just ease my toes in at first so I don't shock my system to much :o)

Overheard at my house

"Mom and Dad, I think I'm going to marry Max (our cat) when he grows up and learns to walk on two feet"


Kimberly said...

Oh, Blake just cracked me up! That's hilarious! What a precocious kid...but then, he always was. =)

I did the same thing as you and slathered the kids up with sunscreen this weekend and forgot myself. Ouch!

Carrie said...

What a great vacation! I love it when Brian comes home and we all just lay around the house all day. I'm glad you got to spend so much time with Blake. I'm sure he loved that.

SweeTNT said...

It was the best Carrie. You know, my child is a little on they hyper side (okay, he's non-stop) but he is so much fun to be with and just loves every minute of life. Sometimes, I'm still just amazed/humbled that heavenly father sent him to us to raise. I sure hope I don't let him or Heavenly Father down :o)