Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Bandon

Here are some pictures of our little Bandon vacation. If you haven't been to Bandon, you really should go. It's about 5 hours down South on the coast and it is National Geographic pretty. We camped in a Yurt at Bullards State Park which is 2 miles N of Bandon. We used to tent camp but once we tried a Yurt there was no turning back. We really had a great time and I wish we were still there. Alas, it's back to the real world. But we'll have our memories.

Here is a picture of Face Rock from a distance. Hopefully you can see why they call it that.

Blake's face in this picture sums up how we all felt about the weekend.
Here's a close up of Face Rock. Does that help?

It was really windy on the beach and a little cool so we let the boys play in the water for a bit, snapped a few shots and headed back to the warm fire at camp.

Home sweet home for a few days.

Blake's best friend was able to go with us. His dad was on his own while his wife was out of town and we ended up with a extra yurt so it worked out great. Here they are proud of their catch of the day. Yes, they were yummy.

More of the Bandon Coastline.

Sidenote: I haven't made it around to my favorite blogs lately (you know who you are) but I haven't forgotten you. I have just been super busy lately (who isn't). Don't give up on me, I'll get caught up eventually.
Sidenote number 2: Do you ever feel that the faster you go, the more behind you get? Yeah, me


Cynthia said...

Look's like you had a fab time! Yummy crab, yurt, and the ocean...Can't get better than that!

Yvonne said...

Love the shot of The Facerock--so neat.

I remember you posting about the yurt before. That looks like it would be so much fun.

So glad you had such a wonderful time. Blake looks soooooooo happy. (It's always great fun when they bring along a buddy ; )

Nancy Face said...

What a wonderful vacation! I love the pictures! Face Rock is very cool, and the ocean is beautiful! :)

The crabs look HUGE in the boys' hands! ;)

Amber said...

Sigh. Ocean. Yurt. Glorious. Loved my Colorado summer but we definitely missed out on the ocean!

Corrine said...

oh what a gorgeous place, i have been thinking we need to drive our family out to the coast. gorgeous.

and i agree the faster i go the further behind i feel!

Melissa said...

National Geographic beautiful indeed! That place looks amazing!!! I always wanted to stay in a Yurt on the coast, but we never did. Maybe we'll have to head back to Oregon one of these times and try it out!!

Kimberly said...

Oh how lovely! An experience like that looks worth getting a little behind over. =)