Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Birthday

Last weekend we went to the beach to celebrate my sweet hubbys Birthday. In case you didn't know....I LOVE THE BEACH!!! Something about it instantly relaxes me and makes me a very happy girl. It was a great family bonding weekend.

Tim had fun opening presents.

Writing notes in the sand

We all had fun playing in the pool

Walking on the beach.

I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful place where the Ocean is just a short drive away.


Kimberly said...

You know, I may have grown up just a few blocks from the ocean, but it's the Oregon coast I truly miss when I think of the sea. Some of my happiest times were spent wandering the shores of Cape Lookout...all before zipping over to Tillamook for some quality ice cream. Mmm...good times!

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! I'm so glad you all had such a good time together! :)

The "opening presents" picture is so happy! :)

Yvonne said...

I hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday--like he did.

I love the beach, too.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to Tim . . . and so glad you got to go to the beach! :)

Cynthia said...

I love pics of Daddy's and their little boy's walking hand in hand on the beach! Sooo sweet!

Melissa said...

How fun! What a wonderful way to spend any day... but especially a birthday! Happy late birthday to your Hubby!!

Amber said...

You ARE blessed to have the ocean so close! Though I wouldn't trade my mountains for anything, I love the ocean. Maybe I should move to Seattle. :-)