Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last days of summer

Just home from work and I'm soooooo looking forward to a 5 day weekend. I can't believe that summer is almost at an end. Is it just me or did it go by faster than ever.

For the most part, summer was really hard this year. It started June 6th when my dear friends amazing son died in a car accident. I'm telling you that I blinked and all of June was gone. I've done my best over the months to be there for her. It's so hard to see someone you love in so much pain and you can do nothing to ease it. I mean, there is no fixing that. Sure, time does help a little but there will always be a missing piece. My family has been great. They have supported me when I probably should have been home but was there instead.

How depressing do I sound..sheesh. Don't get me wrong, we have had some fun this summer. We had some great little mini-vacations in August. I love just being with my family no matter where we are but the beach is a nice enhancement for sure.

So now, I have 5 days to get a few things done around the house, have some fun and then it's back to school. I can't believe that Blake will be a 1st grader. He's very excited to go back to school. I think it's mostly because of lunch and recess. He really enjoyed picking out a lunch box and talking about what we'll pack for lunches. Once the newness wears off, we'll see if he's still so excited.

We're talking about going to the Oregon State Fair this weekend. No firm plans but definitely some quality time is in order.


Yvonne said...

I agree that summer went by way too fast.

I'm so glad your family has been so supportive. I'm sure your friend has appreciated your love and support so much. You are such a good friend.

I hope Blake has a wonderful school experience.

Kimberly said...

Our summer just whipped by too. Never enough hours and all that. Hope your last weekend of summer is productive and happy-making!

b. said...

I've loved seeing the pictures of some of the good stuff you've done this summer...I'm sorry there was some sad stuff in there too.

I love Fall though, bring it on!

Nancy Face said...

Yes, this summer seemed to be the shortest one ever!

I can just picture cute Blake picking out his lunch box! My son is in 9th grade now...he'd love nothing more than to get lunch money every day. Too bad his Mama Face is a cheapskate and only buys his lunch twice a week! The rest of the time it's a sack lunch! :D

Amber said...

The good and the bad. We've had our share of both as well. I can't believe it's already September. Life is flying by.

Blake will do great!