Friday, November 28, 2008

I love Black Friday!!

Some would say that I'm crazy but to those people I would just say "Crazy is as crazy does" because I was able to get all but 4 of my Christmas gifts purchased in one day" Woo-hoo!!

I really do enjoy shopping the day after Thanksgiving. It's become a tradition for me and several of my friends. We start at Fred Meyer at 5:00 a.m. for the sock sales etc. Then we go have breakfast at Elmers, head over to Tannasborne for Target and Michaels and then go to Streets of Tannasborne for random stores. The best part is that I'm usually home by 11:00 ish.

Yes, the crowds can be crazy and some people can be cranky (those are my favorites because I love to wish them a Merry Christmas in my sweetest voice and watch them process it) but it really starts off the Christmas season for me. Hearing the music in the stores and having fun with my friends.

What say you? Fun or never gonna happen?


Kate said...

I LOVE that you wish the cranky people a Merry Christmas . . . I might just have to do that too! ;)
As far as Black Friday goes, yay that you've made it into a traditional get-together with your friends! :) We don't have Black Friday up here, but we have Boxing Day (26 December) which is similar. I hope we are able to go down to visit my parents this year, because I'm sure a Boxing Day shopping trip with my mum and some of my sisters will be involved! ;)

Yvonne said...

I haven't been in the U.S. for Black Friday in a number of years. I used to shop that day, too. The older I get (and maybe the crankier ; ) the less I enjoy fighting the crowds. But to get everything done in one day would be FABULOUS.

When you have traditions like that, they are so fun.

b. said...


(but I do consider it for about 2.3 seconds every year...)

I'm jealous you were able to accomplish so much in so little time!

Amber said...

NEVER gonna happen. I snuggled up warm and cozy with my family on Friday morning. That is my idea of Black Friday. :-)

terri said...

We were at the coast shopping on Black Friday and WOW was there a lot of people. People act like the world is coming to an end and thats it's the last day to shop.
Crazy.... but we thought the deals were great too!

Lyon Pride said...

I usually love Black Friday! It's such a rush. This year, I've been procrastinating and I really had no idea what to get the kiddos for Christmas so Black Friday wasn't as fun but still what a rush!!

Nancy Face said...

I LOVE that you wish the cranky pants shoppers a sweet Merry Christmas! :D

I usually don't go...I prefer to decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. But there's a new Joann 3 minutes from my house, so Lauren and I went and scored some SWEET deals! :)