Monday, November 24, 2008

8 x 8 Meme

A loooonnnggg time ago Kate tagged me to do this MeMe. Better late than never right?

8 things about 8 things

1. 8 TV Shows I Watch:

a. Survivor

b. The Amazing Race

c. Reba

d. Grey's Anatomy

e. So you think you dance

f. House

g. The Dog Whisperer

h. Lost

2. 8 Favourite Restaurants: (in no particular order)

a. McGraths

b. Red Robin

c. Elmer's (love their breakfast food)

d. Mazatlan

e. Olive Garden

f. Hunan Pearl

g. Red Lobster

h. Sweet Tomatoes

3. 8 Things That Happened Yesterday:

a. took the dog for a walk

b. helped a little neighbor boy that was locked out of his house and his mom and grandma were at work

c. downloaded more pictures to my digital frame

d. did a couple of loads of laundry

e. worked

f. played with my son

g. ate some yummy snickerdoodles that my hubby made

h. made a Christmas list to get ready for shopping

4. 8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

a. Thanksgiving

b. Christmas

c. hopefully going to SLC for conference in April

d. 4 day weekend

e. shopping the day after Thanksgiving with my friends (it's a yearly tradition)

f. spring

g. being with my family for eternity

h. going to the beach

5. 8 Things On My Wishlist:

a. Diamond Earrings

b. A TV with HD

c. a closet organizer and someone to put it in

d. red fuzzy crocs (hey, I love em no matter how ugly they are, what can I say?)

e. a cherry red convertible mustang with leather seats

f. a bigger house with a family room upstairs

g. a very well trained dog

h. being a size 8

6. 8 Things I Love:

a. My husband

b. my son

c. the gospel

d. Heavenly father and Jesus Christ

e. my friends

f. the temple

g. my in-laws

h. my dog and cats

7. 8 Things I Can’t Stand:

a. intolerance

b. bigotry

c. two faced people

d. insincerity

e. people who drive like they have some kind of special license that allows them to speed and cut you off and otherwise endanger your life

f. bad customer service, I want people to be nice when they take my money

g. Parents that teach their children to hate

h. disrespect

8. 8 People I Am Tagging:

This might be hard because I'm not sure that I even have 8 people that read my blog these days. Those that do can do this if you like but no pressure. Tags should be fun and not something to feel guilty about not doing.

a. Carrie

b. Nancy

c. Yvonne

d. Amber

e. Beth

f. Mindy

g. Gabe

h. Melissa


Yvonne said...

Great Meme--it's in my file to do some time in December.

I watch Lost. I LOVE Red Robin ; ) I'd love a red convertible with leather seats, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kimberly said...

These memes are such a great and easy way to get to know people better!

Nancy Face said...

Let's go get TWIN red Mustangs! (Maybe at least the Hot Wheels variety, tee hee!)

I'm trying hard to cut back my computer time...I'm posting a lot less frequently, and getting around to all my friends' blogs even MORE infrequently! But I love it when I get here! :)