Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tag...I'm it

I've been tagged by buddy Shay. I thought it was kind of fun so here goes.

A: Attached or Single: Attached, almost 15 years.

B: Best Friend: Tim is my very best friend but I am also blessed with very good girlfriends. Holly and Arletta are true blue through and through.

C: Cake or Pie: Cake

D: Day of Choice: Saturdays

E: Essential Item: Lotion, just gotta have it

F: Favorite Color: Red

G: Greatest Accomplishment: Being married almost 15 years.

H: Hometown:Chelsea, OK

I: Indulgences: Chocolate Chip Cookies

J: January or July: January, I'm not into the heat.

L: Life is Incomplete Without: My family

M: Marriage Date: May 11th, 1993

N: Number of Siblings: 1 brother, 1 sister

O: Oranges or Apples: Apples

P: Phobias or Fears: Heights

Q: Quotes: "A true friend is someone who really knows you and loves you anyway"

R: Reason to Smile: My son, every single day.

S: Season: I love the Spring and Fall

T: Tag Four Friends: I'm not going to tag anyone, feel free to play along if you'd like

U: Unknown Fact About Me:I love Liver and Onions.

V: Very Favorite store: I love Costco so I try not to go that often..LOL

W: Worst Habit: I have a tendency to be bossy and talk to much and...I digress.

X: X-ray or Ultrasound: Both are good for different reasons

Y: Your Favorite Food: Any kind of Pasta

Z: Zodiac: Scorpio


Nancy Face said...

Yipee, I get to be FIRST! :D

Nancy Face said...

I've done this one's fun! :)

RED is my favorite color, too! :D

Oh my goodness! Your anniversary is this week! I hope it's special and wonderful and so happy! :D

Yvonne said...

I did this before an loved it.

Yum, chocolate chip cookies. I love your favorite quote. I have a tough time choosing between red or blue. Hope you have a great anniversary on Sunday.

Chel said...

Super cool. Crazy how something so simple can tell me so much about you. It was great! :)

lovin_life99 said...

Very interesting...I am glad someone besides my mother likes liver and onions. Thanks for playing. Love ya!

Amber said...

Why is it this post just made me hungry? Especially since I TOTALLY cheated on my diet last weekend and downed a record amount of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough - my favorite....