Friday, May 16, 2008

Catch up blog...

Not to be confused with a Ketchup blog..hehe :o)

Well, I made it through my first week at Kaiser. Much to my surprise, I am already feeling quite comfortable. The people are plenty nice and the job is going to be a real challenge and I'm feeling up to it. The commute isn't too bad because I'm driving during non peak hours. Now if I could just figure out a way to power the car without gasoline..hmmmmm.

I am missing my laptop terribly. I had to give it back because I guess "technically" it belonged to my previous company. I miss sitting downstairs on my couch surfing the web and getting my blog fix. Now I have to share the desktop with hubby *gasp* and he is not very good at sharing. I can say that because he admitted it. He dislikes it so much that he's contemplating getting a laptop using his own hard earned and saved money. We'll see.

I love my in-laws. Did I mention that? They are the best. We so enjoy being with them and they are the best grandparents in the whole world. Blake loves them so much and looks forward to seeing them as often as possible. We have a weekly date with them on Friday nights and tonight they came over and we played Pinochle and had KFC. It was a perfect night. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

And last but not least, someone turned the heat up over here. I don't know what the official high was today but my car said 101. Say what??? It was 60 degrees earlier in the week. It has been a crazy spring for sure. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend and then back to normal next week. Whatever that is. Thank heavens for air conditioning. I am not a happy hot person.

Oh, one more thing. My new boss is British and has a very strong accent and I'm finding it very difficult to keep from trying to mimic her when we are talking. I have no idea why. Something is not right in this head of mine. Big surprise I know.


Yvonne said...

So glad you played catch up ; ) I'm glad the new job is going well. (Regarding the British accent--I found the same thing when we first moved to North Carolina and I heard the southern drawl--I wanted to mimic when I answered them.

How great that you love to spend time with your in-laws.

When you figure out a way to run your car without gasoline let us all know ; )

Nancy Face said...

It's great catching up with you! I hope your hubby decides to go for that laptop! :)

I too am blesed with wonderful in-laws, and I am very grateful! :)

"I am not a happy hot person" HAHAHA! You would HATE it where I live! :D

Kimberly said...

I am so not a happy hot person either - sympathies! Glad work is starting out well though!

Neil hates sharing his computer too (I have a desktop, he has a laptop...guess which I'm using?).

I do the accent thing too! I had a friend from Australia visit for a week once and I was mimicking her by embarrassing!

Corrine said...

so glad you are enjoying your new job, too bad gas is so stinking expensive....

so cool y'all have a fun relationship with your in laws that is awesome.

and my husband and I aren't great computer shares...we call each other swoopers because the minute one gets up the other swoops in and steals the chair..

Amber said...

I'm glad you're adjusting so well! To the job, not the heat. I don't think I could ever adjust to 101. :-)

Melissa said...

I heard you guys were supposed to get a heatwave!! It's a tad warm here too, but, ya know, it's Southern California. It's SUPPOSED to be hot!
I'm glad your new job is going so well! I hope it continues to be awesome for you!
And just so you know, I tend to mimic people around me too. I find myself saying words like they do or picking up accents. It's kind of scary that my mind can be so easily swayed!!
You asked on my blog about living in Oregon - we lived in Hermiston for about 4 years and we miss it so much! I'm hoping to visit sometime... I was going to come this summer, but the gas prices are WAY too high. There's just no way to do it. But, I'm going to do it... and I will DEFINATELY be coming to meet you :)

Chel said...

I was totally laughing about the whole British boss thing. You are so funny.

Bummer about the laptop. Tell your husband that I insist blogging is way more important than whatever it is he is doing on the computer! :)

Rachel said...

Hey there! I miss seeing you picking up the kids from school. I'm starting to check in on your blog more often now.