Sunday, May 11, 2008

Love is.....

Love is.....

Being married to your very best friend

Going through 7 years of infertility treatments and still loving each other

Finding a relationship with Christ together after years and years of searching

Cooking breakfast for your spouse when it is your anniversary too because she can hardly move

Cleaning up the breakfast mess and then some and not complaining even once

Putting up with the bossy one for all these years

Putting your family before anything else

Holding the little boy in your arms that God sent to you in a unexpected manner and knowing with all your heart that he is meant to be with you

Lying with this child between your and your best friend and feeling as though your heart just might burst out of your chest with all the emotion

Catching this man you love just standing there watching the now 5 year old little boy sleep and falling for him all over again

Having silly little games you play that no one else would get and thinking you are oh so funny

Knowing with all your heart that you married your soul mate

Still making each other laugh every single day after 15 years

Knowing that no matter what the day holds there is a safe place to land with the man I love

Knowing and having it proven over and over that I am loved unconditionally

Thank you for all these things and more my love. Happy Anniversary!! 15 years down and an eternity to go.


Kimberly said...

That was so beautiful Tonya! Happy, happy anniversary!

Corrine said...

Happy Anniversary!! SO sweet, I was just thinking that really is "the Sweet Life" congrats on fifteen years!

Nancy Face said...


This was beautiful! I loved reading it, and it made me feel so happy inside! :)

Yvonne said...

Happy Anniversary.

I loved that, tonya. Thank you--it was so beautiful. You two sound like you are so perfect for each other.

Charlotte said...

Awww, how sweet. Happy anniversary to you!

Melissa said...

That was wonderful! I love those moments where you do fall in love all over again!!
Happy Anniversary!

Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary Tonya! :)

Amber said...

I'd say tha tis a whole lot of love...and a whole lot of blessings!

Happy Anniversary!

Chel said...

Happy 15th.
Such a sweet post. I loved it! You share a special love.

b. said...

Happy Anniversary!

I love how tender you two are with each other....makes 15 years fly by and eternity worth it.

lovin_life99 said...

Wonderful Blog!! Tim rocks!! You guys are great for eachother!! I am sure going to miss you!! Thank goodness for blogging.

Lauren said...

That was the sweetest post! It makes me so excited to marry!

Mo Mommy said...

We're about to hit the ten year mark and it seems huge, so I can't imagine what 15 will seem like!
You captured it all so perfectly, this was great.
Happy Anniversary!