Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On to the next adventure

Yesterday was my last day at my job downtown. It surprises me how close I actually got to several of the people there in only 7 ish months. One gal in particular. She and I could not be more different in so many aspects and yet we have so much in common in others. I truly believe that there are those people that we meet that we feel like we have known forever. I think that these are the ones that we knew before and in some way our spirits recognize each other. I have a few days off before starting the new job and I am wishing that it was more like a few weeks. I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Today was a fabulous day. My sweet hubby got me a wonderful Mothers Day-Anniversary gift. I spent the majority of the day at a wonderful spa being pampered and relaxified. I started with a massage and then it was on to the Japanese style soaking pool which I had all to myself for about 40 minutes. Then I had a 1 hour facial in which I nearly fell asleep. Who knew that a face massage could be that relaxing. I then finished it up with a fabulous pedicure. I could barely walk when I was done but in a good kind of a way. Hubs then said he would pick the boy up so I could take a little nap before they got home. Thank you honey bunny, that was the perfect gift.

Tomorrow, I am taking Blake to the doc to talk about allergies. The poor child has been suffering this year. I'd really like to get him tested and see if I am just making it up or if he really does have allergies. He actually prayed tonight that he wouldn't get a "poke" at his appt tomorrow. I'm also going to get the last minute things for Mothers Day and then spend some time working on a few projects around the house.
That's about all that is going on around here for now. Peace out.


Kate said...

Yay for a spa-day . . . what a sweet Mother's Day/anniversary gift! :)
I hope things go well for Blake at the doctor tomorrow and that he won't get "poked" too much . . .

Chel said...

That sounds lovely. How nice. I think I need a spa day about now!!

Poor little guy. Allergies are NO fun. Trust me, I know!!

Nancy Face said...

I hope you really enjoy your days off between jobs! :)

What a fabulous gift your hubby gave you! So glad you had a wonderful time! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary! :)

Good luck at Blake's doctor appointment. I hope some solutions can be found. :)

Yvonne said...

What a sweet hubby. Sounds like a wonderful day--I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary.

I'm sorry about blake. Allergies are the pits--I hope the doctor can help.

Good luck with the new job.

Melissa said...

What a wonderful gift! I would take even just a nap! ;)
I hope everything is okay for Blake... hopefully you'll find something to really help him!

lovin_life99 said...

Hey lady, may I suggest zyrtec, and Zade was just given singulair in combo with the zyrtec since he has progressed to allergy induced asthma attacks. I swear by Zyrtec though. Love ya, and it sounds like a little too much relaxing when there is a garage sale to be had. LoL Happy Mother's Day!!