Monday, March 31, 2008

Sheesh...where does the time go?

Seriously, is it really almost April 1st (it will be here in about an hour an half)? I could swear that I just started my "new" job a few weeks ago and I'm sure Christmas was just yesterday. It's true that the older I get the faster the time goes. I have a theory on that. I think it just seems faster because we are just so darn busy. Busy with family, busy with work, busy with church, busy with friends. You get the picture. I hadn't even realized that it has been almost a week since I posted last until Amber asked me where I've been.

We have been looking for a dog to add to our family. We haven't had any luck yet but we hope that the search will pay off with the perfect dog for our family. Don't get me wrong, the dog doesn't have to be perfect because he wouldn't fit in our family if he was. We just want to make the right choice so we can keep him or her for the long haul.

Blake started T-Ball practice last week. It's his very first sport and hubby is helping to coach the team. So far (only one practice) I think he'd rather be playing on the play structure near the field but we'll see how it goes. I plan on taking the camera tomorrow so I'll have pictures soon.

My new calling is going well but I can't get used to not having to teach each Sunday. I feel very creativity challenged compared to the other leaders but I'm trying so that counts right? Luckily the other leaders are all great and one of them is going to help me dress as Moses mother for Wed nights activity. Thank you Carrie :o)

I'm really torn now about where I should be going in my life as far as my job is concerned. The new job is really stressful but has a lot of perks like being really flexible with my hours. Being able to work from home when I need too etc. Blake will start school in September and I have no clue how that is going to fit into our lives. He will only go half a day. I so wish I could just take the year off to be there to drop him off and pick him up. Sometimes I feel like the worst mom in the world because I work outside the home. It's all about choices right? We could sell our home and move into a cheaper rental, drop the Internet, cable etc. *sigh* Life can be so complicated sometimes.

Anyhoo...on a brighter note. My dear sweet bloggy friend Yvonne was kind enough to give me this award.

I would like to pass it along to all of you who comment on my blog. You are the ones that make my day when I read your blogs and I learn so much from you. You are all wonderful women.


Yvonne said...

You're so right about the time just whizzing by--it's going way too fast for me ; )

I'm excited for Blake to start t-ball. It's so fun when they first start, especially when you watch them sitting in the outfield looking like they are bored to tears ; )
Can't wait to see the pictures--and can't wait to see the pictures of you as Moses's mother.

You definitely deserve the award--you are a great woman, and you're doing a great job as a mom.

Nancy Face said...

I hope you find just the right dog with the right personality to fit in with your family! You're so smart to take your time searching! :)

I love it when little kids play T-ball...they're so cute! Sometimes they are just out in the field, looking down at the grass, watching the ants go by, tee hee! :D

Your activity night sounds like it will be great! :)

I'm sorry things are so complicated for you with your job. Please don't beat yourself up! You are such a good, loving mom!

I'm happy you received that award! I enjoy visiting here because you really ARE wonderful! Thank you for passing it along to us! :)

Corrine said...

i know what you mean about the time flying, I am just so surprised it is already April...really where did March go???

I giggled at something you said in your post and now I have forgotten what it was and what I was going to say. I'd go back and check but..oh well...

as far as working goes, I am sorry its a hard balance isn't it. I bet your son knows you love him very much! because I can tell and I don't even know you.

Kimberly said...

Yay you're back! I've missed you!

You're one of the best mums I know, you really no more of that silly talk. ~hugs~

Melissa said...

I have a time theory... wanna hear it? No? Too bad ;) When you are 2 years old then 1 year is 50% of your life. When you're 10 it's only 10%... and so on... I guess it's a perspective thing. Right now my kids think that one year is FOREVER because it represnts a very large portion of their lives. A year doesn't seem so long to me because I have a few under my belt ;) Does that make sense?
And you are a GREAT MOM! Don't ever doubt the choices that you make. It sounds like you have a good job and it helps support your family!! Don't ever put yourself down for doing what it takes to make sure your family is taken care of!!!!!

Nancy Face said...

Have a happy weekend! Aren't you so looking forward to Conference? :)