Monday, January 7, 2008

Random thoughts and stuff

1) I have to work how many days this week? 5 you say? How is that humanly possible after having so much time off over the holidays? I wonder who made up the work week and thought that was fair. 5 days on and 2 days off. Sooooo not fair. Back to reality...blech.

2) All of us are well finally. No more icky tummies and all that good stuff. YIPPEE. We are thinking of just bleaching the entire house and starting over to kill all the germs.

3) We had a great "camp out" in our living room tonight. We read some from the scriptures, had tickle fights and ganged up on daddy. It's a new thing that Blake started where we get all the blankets and pillows and "camp out" in the floor with all the lights off. Next week we are getting smores fixings.

4) Don't you just wish you could record moments like #4 in your head forever? I wish I could switch on the camcorder in my head and lock the tape away somewhere safe in my little brain. Someday my son will grow up and be too cool for camping in the living room floor and I want to remember everything.

5) We sang this song in primary yesterday that touched my very soul. I think it is called "If the Savior stood beside me". We learned the first verse. The spirit was very strong as the children and the leaders/teachers sang about the Savior standing beside them and if they would change the things they say and do and be a kinder/gentler person. I have been thinking about it every since and hoping that I commit it to memory because it is a great reminder to me. I always want to act as though the Savior were right beside me because he is. That doesn't mean I do all the time but it is my goal.

6) One of my New Years Goals is to work on my food storage so I am making my first trip to the church cannery in a couple of weeks. I have no clue what this means but I think I'm going to come away with some good stuff.

Well, that seems like quite enough rambling for one day.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot

7) Capital One has the worst customer support EVER. I have had to deal with them a couple of times and both times were a lesson in patience. Someone got a hold of our credit card number so I needed to report the card stolen. You would think this would be easy right? WRONG?? I was transferred and put on hold and hung up on etc. One hour later....I think the card is reported stolen and I think we have some paperwork on the way but heck if I really know. The worst part is that they don't care. They could care less if I took my business elsewhere. ARGGHHH!! Ok, I feel better now. Do you think all this complaining has already ruined my goals in #5?


Yvonne said...

No, I don't think it has ruined a thing. I think you are so incredibly sweet!!! (Fits the title of your blog so well)

I love your camping out in the living room--such a fun idea!

Writing all these wonderful things down will help your ability to recall or play it back in your memory.

Good luck at the cannery.

Charlotte said...

I was just going over that song last night so I can teach it to the kids in our ward it a little bit. I love it as well.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad everybody is feeling better! :)

I LOVE the living room "camp out" idea! You are making wonderful memories for Blake...and his awesome parents! :D

I'm excited to teach "If The Savior Stood Beside Me" to the children in our ward! It really is beautiful and touching. :)

Melissa said...

I'm going to have to find that music... it sounds wonderful!
I'm sorry you had such trouble with your credit card stuff... BLECH!
I TOTALLY understand what you mean about the camcorder in your head... there are times when I think... "Okay brain - remember this moment... remember it forever!" But, I usually don't :(
Love the campout idea! We may have to try that :D

Kimberly said...

Weird! They spend so much on advertising but so little on customer service? How frustrating!

JustRandi said...

oooh! At the cannery, I recommend the hot chocolate mix, the refried beans (if you can still get them) and the macaroni and spaghetti. We use those constantly.

I do NOT recommend the soup mix, fruit drink, or potato pearls. Blech.
let us know what you get!!

LammyAnn said...

Capitol one DOES stink.
We cut them up on the 1st of this year.
I'm the opposite on the potatoe pearls. My family loves them. They're not so great they're better than real... but way better than the flakes.

LammyAnn said...

Why, yes....I do homeskool my kids... why do you ask?!

melissa c said...

I had a capital one card I just got rid of. I don't like them either!

I love my kids being young. These are the best years of our lives. I really love it. I dread the day they are too cool to want to play with "mom".

Really good post, my dear.

Mo Mommy said...

Capital One is known for horrible service. And charging mysterious fees, and jacking up your interest rate for no good reason. Just an fyi.
we love the potato pearls too, but we were told they are switching to flakes, so I bought a case. That should last a while. I eat them dry as a snack. weird, I know. My kids love the apples. I just have fun going and canning things, it's a good time. I hear there is a wet pack near Seattle and they are supposed to have really good spaghetti sauce. Anyone else know about the wet pack?