Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Missing my blog

Our laptop has been down AGAIN for the last month so Internet surfing has mainly been on my IPOD touch. Don't get me wrong, I totally love my new toy but I don't have the patience to post the length of a blog post on it. The buttons are to small etc etc.

Anywhoo, we have just been busy with life. The laptop is getting fixed by Toshiba AGAIN so we should have it back in the next week or two. I'll get caught up with our goings on at that time.

This weekend, I am heading to the beach with just my honey. No dog, no child. Whatever will we do? lol We haven't taken a little time away since Blake was about 3 years old so we're due.

Hope all is well with my bloggy buddies. I have been trying to keep up with you on my little bitty screen but forgive me if I've missed something.


Yvonne said...

Sorry about the laptop ; ( I can't imagine trying to read on an iPod touch.

I hope you and your hubby have a fantastic time away. ENJOY.

Carrie said...

We've missed you, too! Have fun at the beach - sleep in a couple hours for me, kay?

Melissa said...

Tonya - I don't use my iPhone for blogging either... just too difficult!
I hope that you have a fantastic time at the beach!!! Relax and enjoy.

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