Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trying to freeze time and puppy love?

You know those moments where you'd just like to freeze time and keep it there for a little while longer. I had one of those tonight. It wasn't that big of a deal really. I'm making dinner, Tim is checking his email and Blake is outside drawing pictures on the patio. Blake keeps running in and asking me to look at what he has done. He's so proud of himself. He drew a picture of a tree with a swing and little apples and he drew a house and the last thing he drew was this

It says "To Mom fum Blake". His drawings have come a long way since he started kindergarten. His teacher would be proud of how he wrote his name. I'm amazed lately at how well he's reading and writing. It seems a switch has turned on. It's really not the pictures that made me want to freeze time. It was just an average sweet moment. Can't I keep him this age for a little long than a year?

In other news, the next picture is Lexies little way of saying I love you. This was a new box of Puff's plus that I had just bought. Not just any old Kleenex but Puffs Plus. Gotta love this new chewing phase.


Nancy Face said...

Blake is SOOO CUTE! I love his pictures! :)

Nancy Face said...

First, YAY! :D

Melissa said...

I agree... there are some stages that I would love to freeze frame and hold onto forever. Baby Girl is in one right now... my oldest on the other hand :)
Ah... the chewing. We had dogs when we were in Oregon and they chewed a big chunk of siding off our house. It was in the back, around the corner, so we didn't notice it for a looooong time. SIGH. Hopefully Lexie won't freeze on this stage ;)

Yvonne said...

How how I wish some moments could be frozen in time--but I love that we can freeze them in our minds--to be brought back whenever we want ; ) Blake is such a sweetie.

Sorry about the Puffs.

Athack77 said...

What a seet drawing anf now you'll have it forever since you took a picture of it.
BTW-When I was 16, my friend and I were on a double date and came back to her house and went inside flipped on the lights and found that her new little puppy had gotten into the bathroom trash and shredded all the used kotex pads. She was on her period, and was mortified and the guys were pretty embarrased as we all cleaned it up. Don't ya just love puppies, they remind me of two year olds!!

Kimberly said...

Sigh. I knew him when he was just a wee little baby! Hard to believe!

Corrine said...

oh my goodness how sweet is that.

side note you have to check out my sisters blog,...ok so easiest way is on my side bar under my bloghoodies, allred family...her son drew a picture of her very sweet, but she didn't like it but i just lvoe kids art work.

tell blake great job on his writing!!