Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny Boy

The other day in the car, hubby and I were having a conversation with Blake and he started talking about getting married. He said he knew who he was going to marry now and it wasn't Lexie (sorry Lexie) the girl he's been saying he's going to marry for a long time. He has found someone new. The trouble is that this girl wants to have nothing to do with him. We tried to explain that he didn't need to worry about who he was going to marry for a long long time but his crush won't be "crushed"..LOL Pardon the awful pun. Anywho, the conversation went something like this.

Blake: I'm going to marry Riley.

Us: Oh really, don't you think that might be hard when she won't talk to you and doesn't seem to like you.

Blake: Don't worry Mom, she'll get used to me.

You can't say the child isn't self confident, that's for sure.


Melissa said...

Too cute!! Hey - it could happen! I think that's what happened to me... Hubby just got used to me being around so much, so he asked me to marry him ;)

Lyon Pride said...

Since my sister is getting married, and now my brother, there has been a lot of talk about wedding things from my kids. It's so cute to hear their perspective!

Athack77 said...

Isn't marriage really about getting used to each other anyway? He's already miles ahead of the many married couples I know. Too cute!

Nancy Face said...

I didn't think your pun was awful...maybe because it's the kind of joke I make all the time! ;)

gmckibbe said...

Is this the Riley in his class? I've heard that Rayden has a crush on her as well. Blake is so funny. I love to hear about all the fun things he says!