Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter wonderland and a childs faith

Yesterday it snowed the majority of the day. I love snow!!! Usually when they predict snow it doesn't happen but they got this one right. Today it is sunny and a balmy 28. We aren't supposed to get over 30 until Wednesday when we might get some more snow. Usually in Oregon it snows and it's gone the next day so this is a treat. I scheduled a vacation day today well before I had a clue it was going to snow so that worked out well. I didn't have to worry about trying to get to the office.
Blake and I went to the park down the street and played with his little sled. I decided we should walk over to the school and left the sled at the park. We were gone about 10 minutes and when we got back the sled was gone. It was just a little cheap thing but it really upset Blake. As we were walking back he said that he thought Jesus would know who took it. I told him that he did for sure. He asked that we stop right there and pray about it. So we bowed we our heads and he asked Heavenly Father to help him find the sled or have the person who took it bring it back to us. I am truly touched by his faith and I wish there were something that I could do to bring that sled back to him. I don't know how it will turn out but if ever a little child needs his prayer answered it is now.

Blake in the backyard yesterday.
Lexie when the snow had just started to stick. She thought it was fun to push the snow with her nose and eat it. Not so fun later with a few inches and she got a cold hiney.
The view from my bedroom window. Isn't is beautiful.


Yvonne said...

Blake's faith just warms my heart--so sweet. Oh, how we all need to be more childlike.

Enjoy the snow and TRY TO STAY WARM!!!

Love the picture of Lexie. The view from your bedroom is beautiful.

chellie said...

Blake is such a sweet little boy - I just want to hug him. I can't believe his sled was gone within 10 minutes. That is sad.

I do like your pictures... but I do not like the snow. :)

Melissa said...

I miss the snow... okay, I'm done ;) That's one of the things I LOVED about Oregon. It might snow, but it didn't stay long. Just long enough to play!
I hope that something turns up with the sled. I will never understand people who take things that don't belong to them...

Nancy Face said...

The snow is so beautiful! How fun that you had a day off! :)

It makes me sad that Blake's sled was stolen. Thieves really bug me! On the other hand, Blake's prayer and his faith are so sweet. :)