Sunday, October 26, 2008

First time for the tooth fairy

Blake has had a couple of loose teeth now for a few weeks and he's been wiggling and wiggling them and then look what happened today

No fuss, no muss. He just pulled the first one out and then the second one. His first "big" tooth is already coming in as you can see in the extreme close up picture. It looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting us tonight for the very first time. Wonder what the going rate is these days?


Yvonne said...

How fun--Hope Blake gets a different tooth fairy than the one that would visit our house because SHE WAS ALWAYS LATE!!!

Chel said...

So fun! And so cute!! LOVE IT!

b. said...

He's getting so big!
(did you save them?)

Nancy Face said...

Two at a time, WOW! :)