Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yikes and other happenings!!

The Yikes part is that we (Hubby and I) have been asked to speak in the Saturday evening session of Stake conference. WHAT?!?!?!? My first thought was how did they find out about us and who am I going to kick the next time I see them. After that thought passed I remembered to breathe and we were back on track. This will be my husbands first speaking assignment ever. Can you imagine? The good news is that he's never been to stake conference so he doesn't know to be afraid. Unfortunately I have been and I am freaked. They want me to talk about how I encouraged my husband when it comes to the church without pushing him and they want him to talk about accepting the gospel and how that has changed his life. I haven't started it yet and we speak on the 17th. I hope inspiration comes soon.

My new job is going pretty well. It's very busy so the days just fly by. I start at 5am at home and work until 7am and then get on the train. This allows me to leave work between 2 and 230pm. It's worth it to have more time with Blake.

Blake's birthday is soon so I've been busy planning that. He's going to be 5 and has begged us for a couple of years to go to Chuck-E-Cheese so we're going to relent. Yes, we love him just that much. It's such a zoo but he loves it and you only turn 5 once. The good news is that you have to be done with the party in a hour and half and it goes by fast. He's really into transformers right now so that will be his theme.

I can't think of anything else right now. It seems that we are busy most every weekday evening with something. Now that both of us are members of the church, it's amazing how many "good" things can fill your time. I am reminded of a talk by Elder Oaks in the last conference about "good, better and best" It's all about how you can be so busy doing things that are all considered good that you have start picking and choosing the best of these things. That's a tough one and I'm still working on it. It's the whole need to please people.


Kimberly said...

Wow...I'd be freaked out too! My advice? Speak straight from the heart about what your feelings were, and how the Spirit helped guide you during that time. Then pray your heart out to have the Spirit with you as you give your talk. I've given talks with and without and with? incredible experience and definitely worth the nerves! Good luck!

b. said...

Sounds like things are going great!

You will do FABULOUS!!

Yvonne said...

I think you both will do such a wonderful job. Great advice from Kimberly. You have been given such a wonderful topic and it will help so many--you will know just what to say.

Let us know how it goes!!!

Sue said...

I loved that talk. Stake Conference? Eeeek.

Nancy Face said...

Yes, I would freak too, but I'm sure your talks will be great! :)

We've done the Chuck E. Cheese party thing, and my son loved it, but it was SOOO expensive, yikes! :0

Charlotte said...

Good luck with Stake Conference. We had ours two weeks ago, and my favorite talk was from a man who had joined the church about 10 years previously. He told his story and just spoke from the heart. He was a little rough around the edges, but the Spirit was there as he spoke, and he really helped me out.

I'm sure you'll help some people out as well.

Mo Mommy said...

I was feeling a little nervous about speaking in church on sunday, but at least it's not stake conference! I mean, um, it's no big thing, you'll do great!

Laine said...

Aw Tonya - you'll do great!

Melissa said...

I would be freaked out too! But, I'm sure that you will do a fantastic job!!
Glad that the job is going well... sounds like you've got a pretty good setup!
Have fun planning the birthday party!!! :D