Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To party or not to party...that is the question

So, as you know if you read my blog my hubby is going to be baptised in a couple of weeks. We would like to have a small get-together after to celebrate this happy occasion. The problem is keeping it small. I have been in this ward for over 5 years so I know a lot of people that are very happy for hubby. When we started thinking about who to invite, the list quickly climbed to 50 people (including kids). A good friend has offered her place because it's much bigger than ours so we don't have to worry about that but we're not sure about having such a big celebration. There are so many people who have touched our lives and it would be hard to pick and choose who should come. Should we keep it simple and just go out with a few close friends for dinner? Should we throw caution to the wind and just have a big ol potluck? We don't want to detract from the spirit that day either. The baptism is at 4:00 p.m. so it will be dinnertime when we are done. Any ideas, comments, thoughts, free advice?


melissa c said...

Dang, that is a toughy. I would do what is easiest.

Probably a pot luck at your friend's house. That way, you don't have to cook or clean!!Ha!

How wonderful for you guys. Congratulations. My got baptized after we were married too. What a wonderful experience!

Carrie said...

I would probably go for the bigger, potluck party. That way everyone can come who wants to. I'm sure there will be a lot of people wanting to celebrate with you guys.

Melissa said...

It sounds like a lot of people have been part of this process... honestly, I would open it up to anyone who wanted to come. To me, it's a great experience to see someone baptized :) I'd go for the potluck... just my opinion

Kimberly said...

I suggest a quiet lunch with close friends before hand, and a huge party after. Best of both worlds!

Clement Family said...

You should go for the big party. Invite the whole ward and have it at the ward building. You will be there anyway. You can keep the baptism part small and just invite everyone to the food part. Or just go crazy and invite everyone for the whole thing. It is always great for the ward family to be there to welcome their newest member. Just don't worry about it too much. Pot luck @the ward building is way easy. Good luck

Charlotte said...


You don't know me (yet), I just popped over from reading Melissa C's blog, and this is the only post of yours I've read.

What does your Bishop say?

If he sees no problem with a big potluck, I'd say go for it. I've never been to a baptismal celebration that wasn't a good experience for me.

(Congratulations, by the way--what a great thing!)

Tonya said...

Thank you all for the great comments. That is why I put these out in bloggy land. We are going to have a potluck at my friends house after the baptism and call it good. This calls for a celebration for sure :o)