Monday, December 28, 2009

Our little missionary

So, we have talked to Blake about being a missionary someday and most of the time he says "No way" Lately he's getting more okay with the idea. He's such a wiggily kid that we often wonder if he gets anything at all out of church.

Well, last week we found out that he indeed is getting something out of church. His babysitter has a 3 year old daughter that Blake has grown to love and they often act like brother and sister. My sitter does not take her children to church or talk to them about God unless they ask her a question. It's a long story as to why this is but I digress.

My sitter Paula said that her aunt or someone had sent a Christmas Book to Victoria (the 3 year old) Blake saw the book and asked Victoria if she'd like him to read it to her. As he's reading the story of Christs birth to her she says "Blake, who is Jesus?" Blake says "Victoria, do you not know who Jesus is?" He starts to tell her about Jesus and the story of his birth. Of course this was in 7 year old terms. When he was done Victoria said "Blake, is this true" He said "Every word of it"

When we talked about this later, we pointed out that he was being a missionary. Maybe there is hope after all.


Yvonne said...

What a wonderful story--something we all need to remember about how easy it can be to share what we know. Sometimes we don't even realize we are doing it.

Great job, Blake.

Amber said...

Soooo cute! You can share this story with him at his farewell. :)