Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good weekend and lessons learned

We had such a nice laid back weekend together. Now I am back to work for a day and then off again tomorrow for Blake's official first day of school. He went in yesterday for some testing so they could see where he and the other kids were with academic skills etc. Tomorrow will be the backpack and tears day. No tears from Blake of course, he is such a little go getter and always up for a new adventure.

Yesterday after the testing we had some errands to run and some friends to meet for lunch. One of the errands was to go and get some clothes for hubby. While there, Blake found and was playing with some of those little things that go on the hanger to identify the size (they probably have a name but I don't have a clue what it is). We didn't think anything of it until we were at lunch and realized that the little clepto but about 10 of them in his pocket to take home. So, after lunch we went back to the store and made Blake go in and tell the person working there what happened and that he had taken them and that we was sorry. I could tell that Blake was hoping that a giant hole would open up and swallow him so he didn't have to do this. The man was very nice about it and I think/hope that Blake learned a good lesson about taking things that don't belong to him.

Maybe someday I'll be independently wealthy. I could really get used to not working :o) Can't complain too much though as I'm only doing 2 days this week. Well, I could complain but I won't..LOL


Corrine said...

life lessons are hard to learn especially at that age, good for you for bringing him back...i wonder if those things have a name?

sending you some "tissues" for that first day! He will do great and you will some how make it through.

Kimberly said...

Good luck with the first day, hun!

Melissa said...

It's a good lesson to learn :) Hard, but good!
I'm glad you had a good weekend... and I'm sure the first day will be great :)

Yvonne said...

Can't wait to hear about his first day--you'll do fine, mom.

I'm sure that was a tough lesson for him, and you handled it perfectly. Great job. (And I don't know if those things have a name)

Beth said...

I'm excited to hear how the first day goes. I'm thinking of you today.