Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rose Festival Waterfront Village

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Rose Festivals Waterfront village using the free stuff I won. We rode rides, we ate fair food, we looked at all kinds of stuff and listened to some good music along the way. The weather was perfect, not too hot with a nice breeze off the river. I was pleasantly surprised that there weren't too many people there so we didn't feel crowded.

Here is Blake and I on the big Ferris wheel. We had a wonderful view of the river and the city and the mountain. It was great. **The pics were taken with my cell phone so I didn't have to carry my big lug of a camera with me**

Here's Blake looking at a giant tortoise in the African exhibit where they have lots of animals especially snakes and reptiles.
We thought Blake would love to do this but he got up there and it kind of scared him so he didn't want to jump to high. He's a daredevil when he chooses to be.

Mr. Cool on the ferris wheel thinking he's all that.

This was Blake's favorite ride. He rode it 3 times and smiled from ear to ear the whole time.

I would definitely go again but I'd need to have coupons or free stuff again because it is spendy. It's not like carnivals that I grew up going to where you could play a game for 50 cents and ride a ride for about the same price.


Kate said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad you were able to go! :)

Kimberly said...

So much fun! We had a ride like that last one at our last fair and it was my favourite too. Felt like flying - just amazing!

Beth said...

You are so cool to win a radio contest! Glad the weather was perfect and not too crowded. What a fun family memory!

gmckibbe said...

That sounds like such fun. That's another thing on my list that I'd like to do while here in Portland. How cool that you won those tickets in a radio contest. I never win things like that. Hope primary went okay for you guys on Sunday. See you Wed!

Lyon Pride said...

Your cell takes good pictures! It looks like you had a great time. How fun!

Yvonne said...

Such a fun thing to do. I used to love carnivals when I was a kid.

I'm so glad you had a great time. Blake looks so cute.

Chel said...

love those pictures! everything looks fantastic and fun!

Nancy Face said...

Hooray! Looks like such a fun time! Blake is so cute! :)